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Barbarossapokalypse is a short animated film that explores the mindset behind “sleeping king” legends. Frederick Barbarossa was a Holy Roman Emperor who was particularly popular with his public. After his death, people longed for a return to the “good old days” of his reign. He became a cultural icon for the German people; a symbol of hope, of a better future.

While in general, the future often looks grim, hope is not something humanity can afford to lose. What matters is where that hope is drawn from. Symbols like Barbarossa are dangerous, as they can lead to people always looking back, wishing their lives away, and not thinking about the present or the future. Many people see the world as black or white, when in reality things are never that binary and are often much less clear.

Barbarossapokalypse is a reminder that good still exists in the world and always will. Successful advancements of all natures throughout history have happened through teamwork and perseverance, and not through the actions of one idolized person. This piece is a call to action to encourage individuals to improve their lives and world, of their own volition, rather than waiting for a hero to do it for them.


School of Art


Art – BFA in Digital Arts

First Advisor

Bonnie Mitchell

First Advisor Department

School of Art

Second Advisor

Christina Guenther

Second Advisor Department

German, Russian, and East Asian Languages

Publication Date

Spring 2018