Honors Projects


The Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors (FUSE) is a national organization focused on creating a community of undergraduate editors. Every year, FUSE hosts an annual conference at a member institution as well as a caucus at the American Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) Conference. Through the rest of the year, FUSE has used their website and Facebook to keep in touch with the members. However, FUSE was not using this digital platform to their advantage, nor were they building a deliberate brand with their online efforts. Because of this, membership gain was only through the AWP Caucus or through word-of-mouth; additionally, FUSE was not offering enough benefits to make up for its $150 annual membership fee. This Honors Project worked to alleviate the problems of branding, membership, and online engagement.

The first part of this Honors Project involved the creation of The FUSE Box, an online literary journal/marketing tool that showcases creative works from current FUSE members as well as other components used to market the annual FUSE Conference and therefore the organization as a whole. The second part of this Honors Project is the Branding and Digital Marketing Plan. This both outlines the digital marketing strategy and gives insight into the marketing and branding process, as the current Executive Board stressed their desire to learn more about these processes. Both The FUSE Box and the marketing plan will hopefully work together to create a stronger national organization that keeps their members involved beyond an annual conference




Creative Writing

First Advisor

Abigail Cloud

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Second Advisor

Fei Weisstein

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2018