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My Honors Project addresses the inequalities that exist within the film industry by sitting down with several senior members of the BGSU Film Department to discuss this issue. Research done by Dr. Martha Lauzen through the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film highlights the rampant sexism that currently exists in the entertainment industry. This subject is of particular concern for myself and for my female classmates who are preparing to make careers in the film field. After four years at BGSU, I have realized that the industry-wide sexism constantly discussed in the media does not exist among my classmates, which leads me to hypothesize that the current patriarchy that dominates the film industry is on its way out. In to replace the patriarchy are young filmmakers who are strongly in support of equality, and who do not see their female coworkers as objects to be placed on screen, but rather as very creative and capable industry leaders.

My project asks my classmates to sit down on camera to discuss their experiences working with both men and women while on film sets. By interviewing my classmates and creating a short documentary, I hope to paint a picture for viewers of what the film industry’s future will be as a younger and more open-minded generation starts to move into Hollywood. I would also like for my project to set an example for future filmmakers and students everywhere, encouraging them to strive for whatever behind the scenes roles they want to fulfill within the film industry, regardless of their gender.


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Cynthia Baron

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Spring 4-21-2018