Honors Projects


Kaitlyn Kutz


In the digital age in which we live, the Internet has become a primary place where people from across the globe can connect around common interests. Consequently, the web has become a primary way for non-profit organizations to foster engagement around their cause. The purpose of my honors project was to discover how to stimulate such engagement, specifically through a non-profit organization’s website. Upon completing preliminary research, I found web usability to be a key to creating successful web experiences. Furthermore, I discovered that web usability in conjunction with a unified content and visual design strategy gives the website a personality that effectively attracts and engages web users. After making these initial discoveries, I applied my findings with a real-world client. I completed a brand and website redesign project for Western Avenue Ministries, a non-profit organization located in Toledo, OH. Throughout the project, I conducted primary research to supplement the secondary research I completed prior to the project. My project rationale outlines the process I took to produce my final solution. To view the website I created as part of this project, visit katiekutz.com/wam. I have included the other components of my project in the appendices of my rationale.


Visual Communication Technology

First Advisor

Jodi Hagg

First Advisor Department

Visual Communication and Technology Education

Second Advisor

Guy Zimmerman

Second Advisor Department

Computer Science

Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2013