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If you ask people who have been around Bowling Green State University for at least a decade, they’ll tell you the university seems more diverse, but some people find that, based on statistics, the university isn’t diverse enough. Despite BGSU having roughly 77 percent of students being between the ages of 18 and 21 years old and 78 percent being white, smaller communities flourish within the larger BGSU community. FacesofBG.com is a website that explores diversity at Bowling Green State University through the motto “Diverse backgrounds. Many stories. One community.” Through educational components like diversity in the local news and interactive graphs displaying statistics about BGSU’s diversity, as well as personal testimonies from those who contribute to the university’s diversity, viewers of FacesofBG.com can learn about inclusion and what that looks like at the university. Sexuality, sexual orientation, race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, and others who challenge societal norms are featured on this site through the video testimonies that explain each individual’s diverse background, many stories, and place in the BGSU community.


Journalism and Public Relations



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Kelly Taylor

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Journalism and Public Relations

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Meredith Gilbertson

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Spring 4-30-2018