Honors Projects

Developing Education and Training Related to Queer/Trans* Identity at BGSU


The purpose of this applied research project was to enhance the current educational outreach capacities of a LGBTQ+ undergraduate student organization at Bowling Green State University, the Queer/Trans Student Union. Recognizing the Queer/Trans Student Union’s current outreach initiative “The Panel Program” as operating in accordance with a limited and outdated understanding of intersectional identity, I sought to reestablish the Panel Program as one firmly rooted in evidence-based practices and grounded in the most current literature. In order to achieve this objective, I reviewed research in an array of fields including those of education, sociology, political science, ethnic and gender and sexuality studies. The result of this study is a comprehensive resource for future leaders in BGSU's Queer/Trans Student Union, containing renovated training and presentation materials of my design which reflect current understandings of the intersectional nature of identity. The intended outcome of this applied research is to aid future Queer/Trans Student Union leaders in their effort to counteract homophobic and transphobic attitudes in the Bowling Green and Bowling Green State University communities.


Integrated Language Arts Education

First Advisor

Dr. Christina Lunceford

First Advisor Department

Higher Education Administration

Second Advisor

Dr. Royal Gene Cravens, III

Second Advisor Department

Political Science

Fourth Advisor


Publication Date

Spring 4-30-2018