Honors Projects


In this project, I unravel various mathematical milestones and relate them to the human experience. I show and explain the solution to the Tautochrone, a popular variation on the Brachistochrone, which details a major battle between Leibniz and Newton for the title of inventor of Calculus. One way to solve the Tautochrone is using Laplace Transforms; in this project I expound on common functions that get transformed and how those can be used to solve the Tautochrone. I then connect the solution of the Tautochrone to clock making. From this understanding of clocks, I examine mankind’s understanding of time and discuss the Longitude Problem and time unification. Finally, I venture into modern physics where our understanding of time and physics is again shifted. Overall, I bridge the gap between Classical Mechanics & Quantum Mechanics and our understanding of time.


Mathematics and Statistics



First Advisor

Dr. Steven Seubert

First Advisor Department

Mathematics and Statistics

Second Advisor

Dr. Marco Nardone

Second Advisor Department

Physics and Astronomy

Publication Date

Spring 4-30-2018