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The hymn chosen for this glass piece is “Jerusalem the Golden” which was written by Bernard of Cluny in the 12th century and set to music by John Neale in the 19th century. The original tune given to the hymn is known as “Ewing” and was written by Alexander Ewing. Although this hymn is not used in all hymnals and is not as widely known as hymns like “Amazing Grace,” it is a lovely, hopeful one that paints a picture of the wonders of heaven.

Hymn singing is an important part of the Christian church service and has been for hundreds of years. Hymns are powerful and moving while at the same time helping the congregation both learn and remember the Word of God. Similarly, stained glass windows have also been a part of the church as a way to help people visually see and remember scripture since about the 10th century. The objective of Golden in Glass is to combine the traditional hymn and stained glass window into a new form that also draws inspiration from the icons and symbols used in the church for just as long.

The final glass piece is made up of sixteen chords following the form of the first sixteen beats of the tune “Ewing” while the seven colors of colored glass represent the notes in the musical scale. The top glass piece of each chord holds one of the sixteen lines of text from the hymn along with an icon representing it.


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Art – BFA in Graphic Design

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Amy Fidler

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School of Art

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Michael Gartz

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Music Performance Studies

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Spring 4-30-2018

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Golden in Glass