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CREATE: Art Studio and Workshop is a privately-owned art studio that hosts classes, workshops, and camps for both children and adults of varying skill levels. They offer topics such as painting, drawing, hand lettering, and other mixed media options. Although they teach courses for all age groups, their primary focus is the children’s classes. CREATE is owned by two Perrysburg moms: Deborah Lambdin and Kerry Wellstein. They founded the studio in 2014 and are currently in their fifth year of business. They thrive on the idea that art is not solely about the finished product, but rather the process, and that everyone should be free to express their creative side while developing an artistic skillset of their own.

Market Research

Three primary methods of market research were utilized for this analysis: direct observation, in-class surveys, and interviews. A total of 4 classes were observed, 11 in-class surveys completed, and 4 parents interviewed. A few common themes became evident from the data collected, including common likes, dislikes, and other interesting observations. Overall, customers love the instructors and think they are very skilled at what they do and how they handle and teach the students. They also like the intimacy of the classes and the type and variety of projects offered. Some parents mentioned the small physical size of the classroom as something they wished they could change, but most said they were completely satisfied with how things were currently being conducted at CREATE. Finally, customers reported that they generally preferred receiving their information through email or social media.

Situation Analysis

Regarding their current marketing efforts, CREATE currently relies heavily on word-of-mouth, but is making an effort to expand their online presence. They are continuously updating their website and are working to stay active on social media sites; both Facebook and Instagram. Although there are a variety of organizations that offer children’s art classes in the greater Toledo area, CREATE could say they have 4 main competitors: The Toledo Museum of Art, The 577 Foundation, For the Love of Art, and the YMCA. Although they are all primary competitors for different reasons, whether it be location or variety of classes offered, CREATE should be aware of all of these organizations when conducting business. Regarding CREATE’s ideal customer, they are primarily looking at mothers residing in the Perrysburg area who are proactive in ensuring their children live well-rounded lives. Lastly, it appears that CREATE not only appeals to a certain market of parents, but attracts a specific kind of child as well.


CREATE should focus on three main areas if they are looking to expand their marketing efforts. These include increasing their retention rate, building their brand recognition, and capitalizing on local pride. Possible tactics in order to achieve these goals could include creating a customer relationship management system, posting flyers and print ads around town, and building relationships with schools, businesses, and organizations in the area. These will ultimately help appeal to CREATE’s target market, help them generate more customers and keep current ones coming back.





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Philip Titus

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Marissa Saneholtz

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School of Art

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Summer 6-19-2018