Honors Projects


This research study investigated the role that involvement in Math Camp had on the development of preservice math teachers at Bowling Green State University. The research question was, In what ways do preservice teachers perceive their development through math camp involvement and how do they plan to use this development in their future classrooms? Since 2013, there have been 134 BGSU preservice teachers that have participated in Math Camp. All of these individuals were solicited to participate in the research study. Fifteen responded to the solicitation and participated in the study. Each participant completed a brief survey as well as a semi-structured interview which was transcribed. The coding and analysis was structured in accordance with a framework that was adapted from Knowles and Cole’s (1996) to fit the specific context of Math Camp: inquiry into self in relation to prior experience, inquiry into contexts and personnel roles, and inquiry into relationships. This research study yielded N=308 codes that were grouped into N=13 categories which all showed connections preservice teachers made between their Math Camp involvement and their development as teachers.


Middle Childhood Education

First Advisor

Dr. Gabriel Matney

First Advisor Department

School of Teaching and Learning

Second Advisor

Sheryl Krotzer

Second Advisor Department

Middle Childhood

Publication Date

Spring 4-28-2016