Honors Projects

Critical Thought of History Through Entertainment


This piece focuses on historical fiction and how it can be interpreted through film. Using primary sources and secondary resources to understand the characters of these historical narratives, a story was born that is in context with contemporary popular film genres. Focusing on the people rather than the environment, the audience is asked to think about who is who and their motivations rather than the area around the dialogue. Each frame was chosen directly to impact the viewer in different ways as was the music and the script, which was taken directly from primary sources. As simplistic in medium as it can be, it forces the viewer to critically tear apart the few things that are present. The main goal of this piece is to see how a rough idea of a partially accurate historical narrative can introduce critical thought within the viewer and compare historical films in terms of their relevance and message.


School of Art


Art – BA in Art: Digital Arts

First Advisor

Dr. Michael Brooks

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Second Advisor

Heejoo Kim

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School of Art

Third Advisor

Dr. Ruth Herndon

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Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2016