Honors Projects


The Healthcare Leadership Institute is a program designed to offer high school sophomores an opportunity to develop leadership skills, a professional mentorship relationship, and a better understanding of the variety and diversity of professions in the healthcare field. The Healthcare Leadership Institute also includes a 10-day international immersion trip after the completion of the classroom curriculum. In total, the program lasts the duration of one academic year, with the 10-day immersion trip taking place at the beginning of summer break before they begin their junior year. The international immersion trip will not only allow the participants an opportunity to apply their knowledge gained through the program, but it will immerse them in a different culture and healthcare environment. This experience will help them think about healthcare from a global perspective, while inspiring them to continue their career endeavors in healthcare.

The objectives for the Healthcare Leadership Institute include:

  • Demonstrating understanding of personal growth and servant leadership through completion of comprehensive assessments
  • Finding their purpose within the healthcare field
  • Understanding the diversity and multitude of career paths within the healthcare field
  • Fostering a mentorship relationship with a professional healthcare mentor
  • Developing skills to effectively network
  • Leverage resources to have a successful college admissions process.


Public and Allied Health



First Advisor

Dr. Luis Moreno

First Advisor Department

Ethnic Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. L. Fleming Fallon

Second Advisor Department

Public and Allied Health

Third Advisor

Dr. Jacob E. Clemens

Publication Date

Spring 5-2-2016