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Available food sources can provide a different effect on the growth rates of Rhacodactylus auriculatus. In this study three food sources were compared, Repashy MRP, Pangea super foods, and GeckoPro New Caledonian blend. These are composed of similar nutrients but tend to have some points where they vary. Thirty-six gargoyle geckos were put through a trial over a 14 week period to determine which commercially available food source provides the best nutrients for growth, as measured by weight gain. Three groups of twelve were chosen based on a variety of ages and sizes to be given three different foods for an extended period of time to test food stimulus on growth. While all three foods provided nutrients for growth, Geckos fed Pangea and Repashy had the most significant weight increase, while those fed GeckoPro grew the slowest. A cost analysis compared both individual user usage (small quantities) and bulk usage (for larger facilities). For the individual gecko keeper, GeckoPro provides the most cost effective food source, while for bulk usage Pangea provided the best growth rate for the lowest food cost.


Biological Sciences



First Advisor

Eileen Underwood

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Biological Sciences

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Mary-Jon Ludy

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Food and Nutrition

Publication Date

Spring 5-2-2016