Honors Projects


Kristen Buder


Current resources, such as "No Fear Shakespeare," translate Shakespeare's works in to modern English. These resources have become a reference for students. Although these resources are common, they do not offer the educational value that complex literary works should. In order to address the common misuse of these resources, the following study examines the history of the study of Shakespeare, as well as the educational value of the use of Shakespeare adaptations in secondary classrooms. Through studying the Ohio State Grade Level Standards and the Common Core learning anchors, this argument for the inclusion of adaptation seems well supported. Not only does this study refer to the supporters of the use of Shakespeare adaptation in schools, but also offers examples of how the effectiveness of Shakespeare education could improve, should adaptations be included.



First Advisor

Julie Haught

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Second Advisor

Dr. Timothy Murnen

Second Advisor Department

School of Teaching and Learning

Publication Date

Spring 2013