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Admission to professional school programs has become more competitive than ever. There are a lot of applicants with competitive GPAs and test scores. These “numbers” are no longer adequate for professional school matriculation. Admissions teams are now also looking for well-rounded students who have shown a commitment to service, leadership positions, commitment to their field of interest, and more. Students who are aware of these expectations become extremely busy attempting to fulfill all of these requirements.

One of the most difficult aspects of my dental school journey was to select an appropriate major. If I were able to redo my college experience, then I would have chosen to pursue a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree, hereafter BLS. This degree would have benefited me in my application to dental school. The dental school requirements are very specific, and do not directly align with any majors offered at Bowling Green State University, hereafter BGSU. Along with the obvious science courses that students would expect to have to take, dental schools are also looking for students who have completed psychology, sociology, art, business, and others types of courses. The creation of a BLS degree that fulfills all of these expectations allows for pre-dental students to focus on developing themselves as well-rounded applicants outside of the classroom because they can be confident that their coursework is consistent with what admissions counselors are looking for.


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Liberal Studies

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Dr. Heath Diehl

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Spring 4-28-2016

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