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African American male students are overrepresented in special education services. This study was conducted under the framework of Bandura's social cognitive theory, and it used surveys and teacher case studies to evaluate the relationship between teacher perception and African American male students' IEP referral rates. A demographic survey, Ronsanna Bakari's Teaching African American Students Survey (TAASS), and an open ended questionnaire were completed by 24 Ohio teachers. The study's hypothesis was that teachers' negative perceptions of African American students were related to and a predictor of African American male students' high IEP referral rates. The study did not have enough data to support the hypothesis, but it did find data that supported previous research on African American students IEP disproportionality. It also provides a comprehensive review of the factors contributing to African American students’ IEP referral rates, and offers solutions to the problem.


College of Intervention Services


Intervention Specialist, Mild-Moderate

First Advisor

Dr. Hyeyoung Bang

First Advisor Department

Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

Second Advisor

Dr. Starr Keyes

Second Advisor Department

College of Intervention Services

Publication Date

Spring 5-2-2016