Honors Projects


Within this project I endeavor to translate a series of poems from seven postmodern female Spanish poets, exploring the challenges and idiosyncrasies of not only the migration between languages, but those specifically between Spanish and English as well as those particular to poetry translation. Of course, there are inherent limits to this process. Regarding the differences between English and Spanish, such difficulties as the presence of naturally reflexive verbs, neutral pronouns, more efficient nominalization of adjectives, and the greater presence of the subjunctive tense in Spanish arise. Respecting the problem of poetry, the structure, rhythm, and even the tone of a poem in one language are often very difficult to reproduce in the target language. And finally, questions concerning the extent to which a work should be translated, such as the presence of idioms or culturally specific phenomenon and whether these should find equivalents in the second language, which elements of poetry should receive more attention and insurance in the final product, and even how much liberty the translator can take with the original work, all come to the surface. Through my own translations, I attempt to answer and address these issues and ultimately produce my own interpretations and art from the works of these authors as well.


Romance and Classical Studies



First Advisor

Amanda McGuire Rzicznek

First Advisor Department

General Studies Writing

Second Advisor

Dr. Pedro Porbén

Second Advisor Department

Romance and Classical Studies

Publication Date

Spring 5-2016