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Just like no two people are exactly alike, no two students learn in the same ways. While using traditional teaching strategies seems to have worked well through the years in today’s society, where children are surrounded by distractions, teachers are faced with the challenge of keeping their students’ attention. Making class interesting and different is a way to not only keep the students engaged with the material they are being taught, but can also be used as an effective tool to tailor lessons to the ways the students learn best. While one lesson structure could work very well for one student, it may not work well for the person sitting next to him/her. Using differentiated instructional strategies, lessons can be created to appeal to a variety of learning styles and preferences.

This honors project, created by Danya Crow, uses an assortment of sources to help form a well-rounded unit that meets Ohio Content Standards for eighth grade Social Studies. Some sources were used to build background knowledge of the content that the instructor should have before teaching the class. While a teacher can never be expected to know everything, it is important that they are at least familiar with their content. Research on differentiated instructional strategies also can be found throughout the lessons. More detail will be explained in the short introductions to each lesson.




Integrated Social Studies Education

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Christie Routel

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School of Intervention Services

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Benjamin Greene

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Publication Date

Fall 8-22-2016