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When guest attend Bowling Green State University for a campus visit, a majority of their experience is comprised of tour guides talking “at” them. The campus tour is made up of a lot of facts and stories provided by the tour guide, but few questions by guests or based on comments from guests. One way to solve this is to create an Active Learning Tour route where guest are the center of their own campus learning experience. According to the research, the components of Active Learning have many facets that branch into other aspects including technology and humor. The aim of this project is to create a more engaging environment for the guests visiting Bowling Green State University’s (BGSU) campus. Active learning has become highly popular in educational environments all over including here at BGSU. Due to the popularity and the portability of handheld technology it has become possible to create an Active Learning Tour Route in a non-conventional educational environment. After compiling training materials and presenting a pitch of the idea, the Office of Admissions expressed excitement to implement some form of this program this Summer 2017.




Integrated Mathematics Education

First Advisor

Dr. Paul Wesley Alday

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Dr. Jerry Clyde Schnepp

Second Advisor Department

Visual Communication and Technology Education

Publication Date

Fall 12-12-2016