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This study will examine how the correlation between air and water quality and the population demographics of India, South Africa, and the United States. India is a country with a growing population, increasing income inequality, and gender roles that reflect its status as a developing nation. South Africa is much smaller in area and the population is beginning to level off, but South Africa’s income inequality is growing much faster than India’s and gender inequality is less of an issue in South Africa. The population of the United States is decreasing and gender roles are fairly equal, despite income inequality growing fastest of the three countries. Each country has air and water quality issues due to power generation and economic traits, but general trends arise. In all three countries, income inequality is increasing, and a higher concentration of impoverished people live in rural areas. Rural areas of developing countries are subject to environmental degradation and poor environmental quality, meaning these people are more susceptible to the effects of climate change and extreme weather events, pushing them further into poverty. This is a world issue, and this knowledge can serve as a template for potential solutions for other countries that may have one or multiple characteristics in common with the countries.


Environment and Sustainability


Environmental Science

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Holly Myers

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Environment and Sustainability

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Yu Zhou

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Spring 5-2-2016