Honors Projects

Prevalence of Muscle Dysmorphia In College Students by Predominant Exercise Type

Emily Gill


The text and figures in this honors project are being prepared for a manuscript submission to the International Journal of Exercise Science (http://digitalcommons.wku.edu/ijes/). This is a collaborative project with fellow BGSU honors student, Madeleine Drees, who explored disordered eating in the same college student population. For this reason, the focused writing on muscle dysmorphia (and disordered eating) is different, but much of the general writing in our introduction, methods, results, and discussion overlaps. Co-authors on the final manuscript will be Taylor Lechner, Carrie Hamady, and Mary-Jon Ludy. We are all members of the Food and Nutrition Program in BGSU’s Department of Public and Allied Health. Please do NOT publish this draft on ScholarWorks, or any database that is publically accessible.