Honors Projects


Cassandra Utt


With over 300 student organizations on campus at Bowling Green State University, one would think that nearly everything has been covered. Last year, however, I was handed a project that had only been done sporadically in previous years on campus and in the community and could use some additional attention. The project was to hold a benefit performance to raise money in the support of the fight against HIV/AIDS. The initial plan was to just carry out the project as had previously been done, simply scheduling a benefit performance with a few friends. However, after thinking through the project and watching inspirational videos on HIV/AIDS and Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS in New York City, I was determined to do more for this cause. I decided to form a student organization so that we could continue to provide support year after year and take advantage of the benefits provided to student organizations that are officially registered with the university. Many contacts and details developed during the organizations operations thus far, and these will be communicated, by way of this project, to the future leaders of the organization in the coming years. If knowledge is not properly transferred between the current founders and the future leaders, it will be very easy for the organization to lose its momentum. Not only does Broadway Cares provide an awareness of HIV/AIDS, but it provides students with a way to utilize and improve upon their skills in theatrical production


Music Performance

First Advisor

Dr. Jane Schoonmaker Rodgers

First Advisor Department

Music Performance Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. Michael Ellison

Second Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2013