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Motivated by research in the field and subject of elementary education, children’s literature, and cross-curricular teaching with the use of children’s literature, this project involved creating a children’s book with interrelated lesson plans in order to encourage teachers to use lessons that are more meaningful, to enhance learning experiences, and also to provide a quick-and-ready resource tool for teachers to use when preparing lessons. I conducted my research on elements that comprise a good children’s book, creating effective lesson plans, and the benefits of cross-curricular learning. According to an article, “Integrated Learning: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts,” by Amelia Woods and Jerie Weasmer, published in Teaching Elementary Physical Education, cross-curricular learning promotes critical thinking skills, helps create more real-life applications, makes lessons more meaningful, and aligns to the definition of developmentally appropriate practice. Therefore, the result of my research is Dixie and Burt Hear a “QUACK!”, which is a story about two dogs helping a friend find its family. At the end of the book, one will find the appendices, which contain lessons to be used with the story and resources to gain access to the worksheets. The storyline, illustrations, and lesson plans were all originally composed, and the ultimate goal is to provide a new tool for integrated learning experiences, which I would hope to use in my own classroom one day.

Source: Woods, Amelia Mays and Jerie Weasmer. “Integrated Learning: Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts.” Teaching Elementary Physical Education 10.1 (January 1999): 21-23. EBSCO. Web. 23 Feb. 2016.


Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

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Jessica Zinz-Cheresnick

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General Studies Writing

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Jennifer Davidson

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School of Intervention Services

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Lisa Ackerman

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School of Teaching and Learning

Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2017