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Aretha Lemon


This project it beginning of the biography of Czeslaw Makiewicz, a Polish immigrant and my grandfather. It includes the Introduction and first three chapters of the biography, coming to 49 pages of written text, a family tree, a sample transcription of an interview with Czeslaw, audio files of pieces of the interviews, and pictures. The three chapters of biography cover Czeslaw growing up, his time in the Polish Air Force Academy, and his plane crash on September 4, 1939 as well as the immediate aftermath. Interpreted and written by Aretha Lemon. The audio files hold pieces of the interviews detailing his childhood (Day 1_2) and some of his time in hiding from the Nazis and the Gestapo (More Potatoes). Aretha Lemon as interviewer, Czeslaw as interviewee. The sample transcript is an excerpt from audio file Day 1_2. Typed by Aretha Lemon. The pictures were taken by Czeslaw's grandchildren, Nate Makiewicz, and Dawn Makiewicz.


Creative Writing

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Heath Diehl

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Honors Program

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Theresa Williams

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Creative Writing

Publication Date

Spring 2013

Day1_2.mp3 (31460 kB)
More Potatoes.mp3 (13740 kB)