Honors Projects


Sexual assault prevention and education programs have been working to develop successful ways to decrease sexual assault for almost to decades. Research has shown that despite efforts there has yet to be a program that effects statistics regarding campus sexual assault. This essay addresses several issues that explain why prevention programs have fallen short. It includes the study of victim blaming, the college party narrative, stranger rape, and bystander intervention. Examples from first hand reports of sexual assault and the study of BGSU prevention programs are used. The essay also addresses how our culture plays a role in sexual assault, and why there is a strong prevalence on college campuses. As a response to this research and essay, I have written poems. Each poem tackles an idea, images, or language, from the research. I use poetry as a response in hope of creating pathos, and to make a stronger connection between the research and the audience.





First Advisor

Dr. Kate Magsamen- Conrad

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Larissa Szporluk Celli

Second Advisor Department

Creative Writing

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2017