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The purpose of the literature review is to understand community connectedness in regards to LGBT* community resilience, and the interdependence that community connectedness may have with other, similar concepts. The literature review revealed strong ties between the concepts of community interaction, community involvement, and community connectedness including a process of development for community connectedness. In general, the LGBT* community is largely understudied, especially in terms of examining subgroups of the LGBT* community (e.g. transgender) or intersecting identities. Secondly, the purpose of the applied research was to carry out an educational event that would adequately inform attendees the information learned in the literature review. Although the event was successful in that it accomplished its purpose for those that attended, the overall attendance was quite low due to advertising barriers. However, the feedback provided from attendees was mostly positive and provided sufficient criticism which would allow for the improvement of the event in the future.


Social Work


Social Work

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Derek Mason

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Social Work

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Karen Guzzo

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Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2017