Honors Projects


This critical review examines current literature to answer the research question: Is parent implemented applied behavioral analysis therapy (ABA) effective at improving communication in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? Nine studies were located that fit the criteria of a population of children with autism spectrum disorder, an intervention based on behavioral principles, and an outcome measurement of communication development in children with ASD. The desired control group was children with ASD who did not receive parent-implemented ABA, although four studies without a comparison group were included. Studies were found using two research databases: EBSCO host and summon. Results indicated parent-implemented ABA might be successful at increasing communication in children with ASD compared to ABA that is not implemented by parents, although one study included found that this is not so. Future research is needed to explore this discrepancy. Implications of this review suggest parental involvement is desirable in ABA at home for children with ASD.



First Advisor

Dr. Lynne Hewitt

First Advisor Department

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Second Advisor

Dr. Joshua Grubbs

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Summer 7-31-2017