Honors Projects


This program was developed to send students to local corporations to attain a better understanding of a business professional environment and the Supply Chain Management departments at those companies. Students were sent to Therma Tru Doors, in Maumee, Ohio to be "interns for a day". They received the chance to shadow employees in all aspects of the Supply Chain field and learn about what their day to day job responsibilities entail. There are many benefits to this externship program for both the students and Therma Tru. Students gain valuable experience and knowledge while Therma Tru gains access to some of our best and brightest students. This program is focused in the Supply Chain Management department, but can easily be replicated in other specializations in Business, as well as other majors. This "Intern for a Day" program was successfully carried out this April in 2017 and was considered a success by both the company, and the students who participated.




Supply Chain Management

First Advisor

Dr. William Sawaya

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Tom Siebenaler

Second Advisor Department

Business Education

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2017