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In recent years, technology has started to play a major role in the U.S. political climate. Specifically, it has created a platform for outside groups, such as libertarians, to have their voices heard. This brought forward an important research question: How has technology helped or hindered the ability of individually focused libertarians to organize for collective action? Through the exploration of previous research, two major findings are discovered: 1) technology and the growth of individualism in politics are intertwined and 2) technology and individualism both have ties to libertarianism. The implications of libertarianism are analyzed further through the study of various libertarian thinkers. Finally, a discussion section attempts to offer some insight on overcoming potential collective action problems that libertarians are tasked with facing.


Political Science


Political Science

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David Jackson

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Political Science

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Kevin Vallier

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Russell Mills

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Political Science

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Spring 5-1-2017