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Sex, sexuality, and gender norms continue to be a pressing matter in the modern political and social scene, with debates revolving around several important topics such as means of expression, comfort, biology, culture, among many others, too numerous to list entirely. The existence of these issues is not new, however, as every civilization must establish its own norms and mores in regards to these issues. Among the most significant cultures to influence the development of modern western civilizations, the classical Greco-Roman culture which developed throughout the western Mediterranean must be considered amongst the foremost; and their viewpoints of these issues are no different. While nothing exactly matches perfectly today to the classical opinions, it is still imperative to trace the origins of these opinions so that one may be able to follow their development to the modern ideas which exist today. This paper represents research done for two different assignments required as a capstone for the Classical Civilizations degree, showcasing research done in regards in the specific topic area having already been introduced, but showcasing both the Roman norms as well as those of the two most prominent Greek City-State, Athens and Sparta.


Classical Studies


Classical Civilization

First Advisor

Dr. James M. Pfundstein, Ph.D.

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Classical Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. Kristie Foell, Ph.D.

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German, Russian, and East Asian Languages

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2017