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Because people often assume that one has to know architecture in order to study it, this interactive text makes it more approachable. Anyone Can Architect is an interactive sketch book introducing the basics of architecture to anyone from middle- and high-school students who are starting to explore different fields of study to those already studying and practicing architecture who might want to have fun with some of the basic principles. Not only does this text provide useful definitions of terms alongside some well-known examples, but it takes readers a step further by asking them to complete some specific tasks that reinforce those concepts. The book encourages creativity from readers by also incorporating more open-ended suggestions for some of the activities. A reader new to architecture will complete this 80-page book with a better understanding of the foundations of the field, interested and inspired to explore the discipline even further.


Architecture and Environmental Design


Architecture and Environmental Design

First Advisor

Heidi Reger

First Advisor Department

Architecture and Environmental Design

Second Advisor

Heather Jordan

Second Advisor Department

General Studies Writing

Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2016