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:The purpose of the following research was to identify the experiences and needs of biological children in a foster family. An online survey was sent to licensed foster families from a private agency. The survey included questions about the experiences, both positive and negative, of biological children before foster youth enter the home, during their stay, and after they exit the home. Analysis of 21 survey answers and thorough review of literature indicated significant lack of available resources for foster parents to utilize when preparing their biological children for this family change. Results also showed that children held damaging misconceptions about foster care previous to foster children entering the home. Survey results mirror various findings from research and have strong implications for foster care agencies and practice. The research prompted the creation of a curriculum for children before the family becomes licensed to foster. This exploratory research is not generalizable but concludes that future research should explore the needs of biological children in more depth. Future research and policy should also work to establish new placement procedures, family assessment criteria, and pre training classes for both foster parents and their children.


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Social Work

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Mamta Ojha

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Social Work

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Melissa Burek

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Criminal Justice

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Spring 5-2-2016

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