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There are a variety of ways for students to learn a second language such as, learning in the typical classroom setting, studying abroad, and participating in an immersion program. However, often times the benefits of technology are overlooked in the world language classroom. Technology can be used to establish a global community and provide students with new opportunities to practice their language outside of the classroom. Utilizing the language as much as possible is essential to evolving high levels of proficiency and developing communicative competence; however, world language students often do not get the chance to speak the second language outside of the classroom therefore leading to lower levels of proficiency. This project sought out to resolve this problem by allowing students in a Living Learning Community (LLC) on Bowling Green State University’s (BGSU) campus to connect with students studying abroad in Spain through online blogs. Students communicated in the second language by utilizing video and written blogs to discuss themes regarding the students’ study abroad experiences. At the conclusion of the project, the majority of students from both groups expressed they enjoyed participating and felt their overall language proficiency improved while learning about the study abroad experience. The results provided in this project indicate the role technology can play when learning a second language and the necessity of producing the language outside of the classroom.




World Language Education

First Advisor

Dr. Brigid Burke

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Second Advisor

Susana Juárez

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Romance and Classical Studies

Publication Date

Spring 5-3-2016