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Effective classroom management is essential in order for any classroom to run smoothly. However, this topic is largely overlooked by many current classroom teachers and those who are training emerging teachers in university programs. Therefore, the purpose of this plan is to provide research-based procedures, routines, and systems that will set a positive foundation for learning and keep my classroom, and those of others, running smoothly all year long. In order for effective learning to take place, the classroom environment must be set-up and managed in such a way that enables students to focus on learning. Having a pre-developed plan will allow me, as a beginning teacher, and others who may come across this plan, to enter the classroom on the first day of school prepared to set-up the students and ourselves for a school year of success. The following plan has been developed with an inclusive preschool-kindergarten classroom in mind, with adjustments for use in upper elementary grades noted as appropriate.




Early Childhood Education – Inclusive

First Advisor

Mary Ann Culver

First Advisor Department

School of Teaching and Learning

Second Advisor

Starr Keyes

Second Advisor Department

School of Intervention Services

Publication Date

Spring 4-13-2016