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EMS9 is a bacteriophage that was recently isolated from an Escherichia coli strain present in horse feces. Bacteriophage EMS9 consists of 98,771 base pairs that are organized into 139 predicted open reading frames (ORFs). These predicted genes potentially encode specific bacteriophage proteins. The genomic sequence of bacteriophage EMS9 is arranged intro three groups: early, middle, and late genes. Considerable homology between the ORFs of bacteriophage EMS9 and bacteriophages T5 and H8 exists. All of these bacteriophages are believed to use a rare two-step transfer mechanism to invade host cells. This annotation of the genomic sequence of EMS9 will provide a foundation for a further gene-by-gene analysis and comparison to other similar bacteriophages.


Biological Sciences



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Dr. Ray Larsen

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Biological Sciences

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Dr. Heath Diehl

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