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This essay seeks to explore the achievement gap, which is a disparity in educational achievement between certain economic and racial groups, by taking a unique approach and bringing a fresh perspective. Specifically, this research focuses on how this gap is manifested in two countries: the U.S. and England. This dual nation perspective opens the door for more information and a better understanding of the gap as a whole. Analysis will be done regarding the various issues surrounding the gap in each country such as its causes, effects, and past/present solutions. Based on how these issues occur in each country and how this information relates, ultimately new solutions will be posed that attempt to suggest more effective ways for bridging the gap in the future. Solutions are primarily targeted toward the U.S. with a focus on the individual and the hope is that by targeting those directly involved and attacking this problem at its core, new discoveries will be made and new methods adopted for how we can establish equal educational opportunity for all.




Integrated Language Arts Education

First Advisor

Dr. Trinka Messenheimer

First Advisor Department

College of Intervention Services

Second Advisor

Dr. Tim Murnen

Second Advisor Department

School of Teaching and Learning

Publication Date

Winter 12-14-2015