Honors Projects


Carrie Buchert


Childhood obesity is a growing concern due to limited physical activity and unhealthy diets. Low-cost, easy-to-implement solutions for encouraging students to make healthier choices in their nutrition and physical activity may result in life-long changes to their overall well-being. This project will assess the current programs in place for students and trends in their choices on nutrition and physical activity using administrations’ responses surveyed statewide. After collecting these initial data, a set of proposed, low-cost solutions for improving student wellness will be sent to the school personnel for further refinement. Finally, a comprehensive set of practical solutions will be distributed to the participating administration for consideration of implementation in their schools.


Health Science

First Advisor

Adam Fullenkamp

First Advisor Department

Exercise Science

Second Advisor

Carrie M. Hamady

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2013