Honors Projects

Inquiry into Impact of Historical Mill on Sedimentary Record

Jocelyn Hicks


The purpose of this study to examine the possible human impact on the sedimentary record of a single, small location. This site is located on the eastern half of the state, north east of Philadelphia. In addition, this study will build off of a previous study, on mill dams in Eastern Pennsylvania, where mill dams have completely changed the behavior of streams. If damming such a large-scale impact on the environment and the rivers themselves, what impact do they have on the sediments? Because even small changes may still have a larger impact on the environment, this study aims to examine the sediments at one site, in order to look for changes in the sedimentary record within that particular site.

In addition, this study, done as an honors project, through the Honors College at Bowling Green State University, will provides a powerful learning experience because it provide an opportunity to apply learned skills, as well as learn additional skills outside of the classroom.