Honors Projects


In this research project, I investigated the effects on eighth grade students’ performances and perceptions throughout a blended learning experience by implementing a combination of face-to-face and online instructional strategies in an Algebra classroom. This blended experience was segmented into two units – a face-to-face unit and a blended unit – to allow for comparison within the participant group of high-achieving mathematics students. Edmodo, an online educational platform, was utilized to provide students with access to online resources at home during the blended unit. Students completed a series of three identical tests to quantitatively measure learning growth at designated checkpoints throughout the experience, specifically before either unit, after the face-to-face unit, and after the blended unit. To gather qualitative data, students also responded to a ten-question survey after the blended unit to discuss the evolution of their perceptions of blended learning strategies in the mathematics classroom. My students exhibited learning growth approximately three times greater after the blended unit than they had shown after the face-to-face unit. Additionally, my students’ perceptions of blended learning in a mathematics classroom changed dramatically in a positive way once both units had been concluded. One other noteworthy achievement of the blended learning system was the thriving classroom community that developed due to the regular mathematical discourse with peers outside of the physical classroom.




Integrated Mathematics Education

First Advisor

Dr. Jonathan Bostic

First Advisor Department

School of Teaching and Learning

Second Advisor

Dr. Christina Miller

Second Advisor Department

Mathematics and Statistics

Publication Date

Spring 5-4-2015