Honors Projects

WBGU-TV: An Open Door


"WBGU-TV: An Open Door" is a documentary piece on the importance of WBGU-TV, a local television station owned by BGSU, to the student employees who make up a majority of the production staff. WBGU-TV is one of the best way for BGSU students to gain experience in broadcast television, providing hands on training in all aspects of production. In this video, hear from students, producers, and alumni about their experiences with WBGU-TV and how it has impacted their educations and their lives. This piece was shot and edited over the course of the Spring 2015 semester, and was produced, written, directed, recorded, and edited by Mitch Seifert, with some additional help by Gabe Deitz. A special thanks must be extended to WBGU-TV faculty and staff, the Department of Telecommunications, Jose Cardenas, and Tom Zapiecki.



First Advisor

Jose Cardenas

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Thomas Zapiecki

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 5-4-2015