Honors Projects


Bellflower Dream: A Student Film


Bellflower Dream is a fully student-produced film, serving as a personal meditation on the fear of death and the value of life. The piece follows Aileen Wells, a terminally ill woman, as she copes with her impending death. She is offered the chance for redemption and salvation at the cost of another life. This honors project saw the film from its creation as a script to its completion as a fully edited film which competed in the 2015 BGSU Film and Media Festival, where its lead won Best Actress Overall. The film is the culmination of studies in direction, cinematography, writing, editing, and philosophy.


Theatre and Film


Film Production

First Advisor

Lucas Ostrowski

First Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Second Advisor

Thomas Castillo

Second Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Publication Date

Spring 5-3-2015