Honors Projects


The purpose of this research was to differentiate using Chromebook and Google technology to improve engagement and grades in the classroom. Chromebooks have been implemented into classrooms all over the country, but the use of Google applications in order to differentiate instruction and assessment is not as prominent in schools. I created four assignments on the Chromebooks that differentiated instruction and assessment based on interest and ability levels. I used a total of six applications and differentiated for forty-four students in a sixth grade math and science classroom. I found that differentiating using Chromebooks and Google applications boosted student engagement, grades, and ability to work with new technology. I would like to continue my research on a school wide or district wide level to see just how much differentiation through the use of Chromebooks can change the way we educate our students.




Middle Childhood Education

First Advisor

Mark Stevens

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Second Advisor

Ken Newbury

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Publication Date

Spring 5-3-2015