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The purpose of this creative project was to synthesize the research regarding Gabriel Fauré’s song cycle, “Poème d’un jour” using performance and lecture. I believe that the musical experience for performer and audience can be enhanced through a shared understanding of information regarding the composer and their work. My goal for the project was to find and present information about the composer’s compositional techniques and aesthetics and how they relate to the interpretation and composition of the cycle. I wanted my senior recital to be entertaining, as well engaging and educational. Using performance I was able to present a personal interpretation of the cycle based on the research I’d done and provide personal commentary on performance issues. My hope was to use the lecture to give the audience context to supplement their understanding of the piece. This context creates the possibility for a shared emotional and musical experience between audience and performer. This project is the capstone for my four years at Bowling Green State University and combines skills in voice performance, music history, critical thinking, and oral communication.


Music Performance Studies


Music Performance

First Advisor

Dr. Jane Rodgers

First Advisor Department

Music Performance Studies

Second Advisor

Dr. Arne Spohr

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Publication Date

Spring 5-4-2015