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Reflective journaling within a middle grades mathematics classroom offers great potential as a practice for both educators and students. This paper examines the previous work that has been completed while also exploring the effectiveness of the practice in a fifth grade math classroom. The research shows that while implementing reflective journaling in a math classroom is time consuming, the benefits of opening lines of communication between pupil and teacher and improving the student learning experience outweigh the negatives. This study focuses on a fifth grade math class composed of 26 students who wrote daily in their journals. The data discussed includes qualitative and quantitative information about the journal entries, a post-study survey, and the results of personal interviews with three students. This action research supports that reflective math journaling positively impacts the teacher and students within the classroom.




Middle Childhood Education

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Daniel Brahier

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Jodi Devine

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Diane Mott

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Spring 4-15-2015