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This is a Family Math Night that was planned and held at Fostoria Intermediate Elementary School in Fostoria, Ohio. It includes the Research Questions, Literature Review, Proposed Activity, Methodology, and Expected Results as well as the Annotated Bibliography and Timeline for Completion from my research and planning. Following the Proposal are 20 mathematical activity or game lesson plans and direction sheets that were planned for the Family Math Night. There are 5 different mathematical activities or games for each grade level 3-6, each meeting a different domain in the Common Core State Standards. At the end there is two general activities for all grades, the attendance line plot and the estimation station. Concluding is several handouts, some photographs, and my depiction and reflection from the actual Family Math Night held on April 9, 2015. At the night, parents and children engaged freely in mathematical thinking, problem solving, and critical thinking together unrelated to school or homework to boost mathematical skills and engagement through fun and educational math games like the ones planned. The games planned are both fun and challenging in a way that help families learn new ideas and concepts of mathematics, not just merely review them. The hope was for families to leave the Family Math Night having had a positive experience with mathematics both socially and educationally and feeling good about math knowing they have support, strategies, and resources to use at home with their children.




Middle Childhood Education

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Dr. Debra Gallagher

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School of Teaching and Learning

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Dr. David Meel

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Mathematics and Statistics

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Spring 4-19-2015