Honors Projects


As a pre-service teacher in one of the best teacher preparatory programs in the country, I learned many of the theories behind classroom management and discipline. After spending time during student teaching in my own classroom, however, I needed a more immediately useful solution than theory could provide. After investigating varied classroom management approaches and styles, I discovered the work of Harry and Rosemary Wong who inspired the creation of my own classroom management plan: a step-by-step guide of best practices and approaches to respond to daily issues and routines in the classroom. While I have heard that “the best classroom management plan is to have engaging lessons,” the best classroom management plan is truly to have a plan. This Honors Project is my plan, developing everything from procedures for entering and exiting the classroom, to using the restroom, to getting the attention of the class, to writing in planners, etc. I blend research and theory into a practical step-by-step guide, complete with a PowerPoint and script for my classroom on the first day of school. This project is not only meant to serve me in my future classroom, but is also meant as a guide for other pre-service teachers; it may even be useful to teachers who are struggling with time-management or behavior problems in their classrooms.

Publication Date

Fall 12-15-2014

Appendix A-First Day PPT.pptx (6172 kB)
Appendix A - First Day of School PowerPoint

Appendix B-Guideline Infraction Notice.docx (95 kB)
Appendix B - Guideline Infraction Notice

Appendix C-Action Plan.docx (1482 kB)
Appendix C - Action Plan

Appendix D-Phone Script.docx (47 kB)
Appendix D - Phone Script

Appendix E-Student Responsibility Card.docx (102 kB)
Appendix E - Student Responsibility Card

Appendix F-Guideline Form for Parents.docx (103 kB)
Appendix F - Guideline Form for Parents