Honors Projects


By demonstrating integrated learning through interdisciplinary connections between music performance and arranging techniques, this honors project was the culmination of a process of using my knowledge of piano and clarinet performance techniques to arrange the piece “Golliwog’s Cakewalk” by Claude Debussy from piano to clarinet quartet. To arrange the piece for clarinet quartet, I utilized my experience in playing piano and clarinet to critically analyze the piano score and decide how it would best aurally transfer to an ensemble of four clarinets. The project also demonstrates critical thinking as I arranged the piece to be at a playing level appropriate for high school clarinetists by showing clarity in what I was asking the clarinetists to perform through explicit dynamic phrasing and articulations. Following my writing of the arrangement, the quartet was read by clarinetists in my studio class and I demonstrated oral communication by leading a short rehearsal with the group.

Publication Date

Winter 12-15-2014