Honors Projects


Allison KumpFollow


My proposed honors project consists of directing my own, fully-actualized production of Eric Lane’s play Dancing on Checkers’ Grave within the BGSU’s Department of Theatre & Film Elsewhere season. As the director, I must hone in on the play’s relevance to today’s society and shape my storytelling tools to clearly communicate the narrative, establishing a relationship between the performers and the audience.

Dancing on Checkers’ Grave is a play about two very different teenage girls who come to bond over homework, “munchkining,” relationships, and nail polish. Rooted within the text are topics of sexual identity, what it means to be openly gay in high school, and the idea of self-acceptance. I plan to draw audience attention to LGBT issues allowing a different, and often suppressed, voice to be heard. However it is equally important that the play transcends the issue of sexual identity, creating honest, real characters experiencing life.

As director of this production, my goal is to effectively communicate a clear concept of the play using the techniques and vocabulary I learned in my directing course in addition to the skills I have acquired from my other theatre courses. I will be responsible for overseeing the entire production process with specific emphasis on the visual/presentation and acting/storytelling elements of directing. Essentially this project is a culmination of my college education as a theatre major with the end product to be a clear and engaging show for the audience.

Publication Date

Winter 12-15-2014