Honors Projects


This research examines student food insecurity at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and available resources in Bowling Green, Ohio. Seven classes from BGSU’s main campus were randomly chosen to complete a survey regarding participant background information, details concerning food attainment, food security level, and use of community resources to allow for food acquisition. These classes included undergraduate classes and ranged from 15 to 272 students per class. Less than one quarter of student participants had food insecurity (19%), and food insecurity was significantly associated with financial dependence (P=0.04). There was a significant relationship between not utilizing community food resources and fear of embarrassment (P=0.007). Due to a substantial lack of statistical significance, this research cannot be generalized towards the BGSU student population. Further research should be completed to examine student food insecurity and resource use at BGSU.



Publication Date

Summer 2014