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Students with disabilities are more often than not included in the general education classroom. This study develops and implements a Disability Awareness Program in a fourth grade classroom and through action research, determines whether the program was influential in shaping positive behaviors towards students with disabilities. The students were exposed to five disability lessons on autism, physical disabilities, dyslexia, blindness/ vision impairments and accessibility. Three lessons, beginning, middle and end, began with questionnaires on disability knowledge and moral thinking. Each lesson was partnered with open discussion. In response to the positive attitudes, the classroom environment become more inclusive of students with disabilities, provided a more welcoming learning environment and fostered better friendships among all students. By educating students on different disabilities, they became more accepting and understanding of individual differences. The individual lessons, activities and discussions allowed students to critically think about the treatment of people with disabilities and the importance of inclusion to benefit their development and happiness.


Intervention Specialist, Mild-Moderate

First Advisor

Judy Vandenbroek

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Second Advisor

Hyeyong Bang

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Educational Foundations and Inquiry

Publication Date

Spring 2014